BOM - Bill of Materials

A White Paper about The Top 5 Challenges of BOM (Bill of Materials) Management

White paper focuses on top challenges of BOM management and provides feature recommendations for BOM software solutions.

The white paper on the automation trends in the medical device industry that you can download below defines the categories of software solutions available to medical device manufacturers for automating development and manufacturing processes (for example, software for BOM - Bill of Materials).

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Issues to Consider when Selecting Software for Bill of Materials

The white paper, provided by MasterControl Inc., draws attention to potential application overlaps and addresses specific issues that should be considered when selecting a software solution for BOM (Bill of Materials).

In addition, a proposal is made that could potentially simplify the process of selecting the most appropriate BOM solutions and allow medical device manufacturers to maximize their return on investment. The information provided in the white paper is helpful for medical device manufacturers that are looking to accelerate time to market, enhance device commercialization, and improve GxP compliance.

What can BOM Software Solutions do?

BOM software solutions won't manage an entire business but they can automate the iterative procedures associated with BOM management and other processes. An online article implicitly emphasizes the importance of standardized processes:

"Companies that are best in class at configuration management hit each of the product development and lifecycle targets that drive product profitability, on average, 89% or more of the time."

The Top 5 Challenges of Managing a Bill of Materials

The top 5 challenges of managing a bill of materials are listed below. These challenges, along with solution recommendations, are the focus of the Top 5 Challenges white paper:

  • Product Accuracy Control
  • Purchasing Dilemmas
  • Configuration Management / Service and Maintenance
  • Configuration Management / Product Recalls
  • Maintaining Updated BOM Information

For More Information on BOM (Bill of Materials)

For more information about bill of materials or BOM software, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.