Total Quality Management (TQM)

A system for quality control or total quality management (TQM) can streamline a company's processes.

Total quality management (TQM) refers to quality management, compliance management, risk assessment, document control and any other component of total quality that contributes to the control, quality and validity of a product and/or service.

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Total Quality Management Across Industries

For pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and a host of other life science manufacturers, total quality management can be difficult to achieve and maintain.

Whether a company is striving to maintain high levels of quality its own sake or keep up with ISO, FDA and EMEA regulations, total quality management cannot be easily achieved without considerable organization and human resources. These resources, however, can be redirected toward other tasks when a system for TQM that includes total management tools is implemented to streamline a total quality management program.

TQM Software from MasterControl

MasterControl is a provider of web-based software solutions for total quality management and control that are seamlessly integrated to assure quality via its total quality management system.

The various components of total quality management are integrated and launched from a single platform to assure that nothing falls between the cracks. The total quality management software from MasterControl consists of document control, CAPA, Employee Training, Audit software, and many other solutions that affect TQM.

As part of our program for TQM, MasterControl also provides industry-specific solutions such as the following:

  • MasterControl Batch Records™
  • MasterControl Submissions Gateway™
  • MasterControl Corporate and Supplier Compliance
  • MasterControl Design History™
  • MasterControl Device History Records™
  • MasterControl Bill of Materials™
  • MasterControl Design Control™

For More Information on Total Quality Management (TQM)

To learn more about the concept of total quality management, a TQM system for regulated environments, or total quality management tools, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.